End of Term Reflection

Cosmo end of term reflection

            I have really enjoyed grade 10 cosmetology. There have been many unexpected challenges and also many good times. I enjoyed most of the projects we completed and learned many new things. I liked doing the updos, especially the endtask, the updo modeled after Marie Antoinette for the masked ball. It took a lot of work but I was very happy with the way that most of them turned out. I also enjoyed doing the makeup, henna tattoos, and face painting. I have learned many useful tips from Mrs. Durocher, which will help me out for cosmetology- related projects in the future.

            The updos were quite a bit more difficult than I thought they would be. It took lots of effort to curl all the pieces of hair and place them just right on the head. The French twist updo was especially challenging because you had to twist most of the hair, then figure out how to place the rest of the hair. Also, the first updo we did, a full updo with curlers was probably the hardest one. The curlers were very difficult to put in and before even doing that, you had to section the hair, which was also very difficult.

            The henna tattoos were lots of fun! They took a bit of getting used to but after a while were very fun. The face painting tattoos were also very fun. We got to do our own design on a partner and they all looked very good. We also painted tiger eyes on a partner with the face paints. That was difficult because you had to choose a few different colors and blend and smudge them all. I really liked how the face paints looked though, for the different projects.

            The makeup unit was very interesting. Makeup is something you can use later on in life no matter what you do, whether it’s for yourself or doing it on someone else as a job. I learned many new techniques for applying makeup that I would not have done on my own. We applied cover-ups, foundations, powders, blushes, eyeliners and eyeshadows, mascaras, and other types of makeup on different partners. We had to decide what their skin tone was and whether they were a warm or a cool shade. We also had to figure out their face shape and cover up blemishes on their skin.

            Grade 10 cosmo was a great class! I’m very glad I had the opportunity to take it and took the course. I needed a filler for my schedule and took cosmetology as a last minute option, but I’m glad I did. I enjoyed working with the people in my class and even met some new people. You really get to know someone when you have to get in their personal space to apply makeup or curl their hair. This class was harder than I thought it would be but also more fun.

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Masked Ball Endtask and Summary

I have learned many new and helpful things from this class and from working on the cosmo endtask. Some useful tips that Mrs Durocher has given me are: cover up any visible parts of the scalp, cover your elastic with a strand of hair, hold the curling iron at an angle so the curls stay strong to the scalp, curl small sections of hair at a time, and don’t use too much hairspray and make the curls look greasy. These tips have all proved helpful for different projects, have made my updos look more attractive and marketable, and helped me to get better marks in this class.

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French Twist

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Evening Makeup

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Daytime Makeup

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Criss Cross Updo

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Face Painting Safety Summary

Face Painting Safety Summary

-Buy the best quality face paints because they will work the best and be the safest.

-If you are using cheaper face paints, check the FDA’s approved list, if the colorings in the face paint aren’t on the list, don’t buy the product.

-If you want to make your own face paints, follow a safe recipe without harmful ingredients.

-Always follow the instructions on the face paint container for applying the face paint and also removing it. If you do it wrong, you could harm your child because certain paints need special removal techniques.

-Never use craft products, especially glitter for face painting because they were not designed for face painting use. It can harm the skin or the eyes if you use them for this purpose.

-If your child has allergies, or is under three years of age, it’s best not to paint their face, or to get a skin test first to see if their skin will tolerate the paints.

-To remove face paints, always follow the instructions on the bottle. Face paints should not be worn for long periods of time, or to bed.


Face painting safety is very important, because if you do it incorrectly, someone could be harmed. Always buy the best quality paints so as not to irritate the skin with poor quality products. You should also always follow the instructions on the bottle so you know how to use it correctly. Craft products should never be used on the face along with paints because they were not designed for this purpose. If you are painting someone’s face that has sensitive skin, allergies or is under three years old, you should get a skin test for them first so you know if the product is safe for them.

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Face Painting Tattoo

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Tiger Eyes

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Embedded Object

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